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Together for a sustainable future...


We are a bio-regional network between organizations and groups with a knowledge base in Resource Mangement systems for the strategic improvement of land use, right livelihood and energy sharing. ​

This network provides a great space to explore common ground around the border territories of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia the preservation of Natural systems and reducing the Carbon footprint as one it's main objectives. Early encounters between the border farmers, institutions and permaculture people began in 2011 and the Network met every year during the Annual manifestation of Terrafest 2010-15. 

In 2012 the network initiated the School for Permanent Culture-SPC, which is offering expert facilitation for skill based courses from all the border areas. We encourage the possibility of a multi-lingual learning platform for Sustainability, Permaculture and Consulting for Project planning. Currently, SPC is officially recoganized by Association of Permaculture, UK and Gaia Education, Scotland and Academy of Permaculture, Italy


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