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Terrafest joining European Day for Sustainable communities

22 September, 2018

Edsc 2018

Edsc 2018

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CESNET- cross border eco-sustainable network

Our bioregional interdisciplinary network holds this manifestation with a symbolic walk, the EKO-MARCH, from Italy along the eastern eco-regions, into Slovenia and Croatia. Sharing natural seeds between members and participants for the preservation of Sustainable agriculture, Resource management using Permaculture principles and “Promote resilient climate change action in local communities” to join our hands for creating carbon-low bio regions. Since 2015, several local farming organizations, citizens, permaculture groups, institutions and NGOs have collectively organized this manifestation with the purpose of bringing awareness and creating an exchange platform between bioregional stake holders. Eko-walk maps are on our social media and cover a vast area of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The team will continue to proceed every alternate year and is proposing the next edition in 2020, to encounter groups across Austria.

On 22nd September 2018 we are joining the European Day of Sustainable Communities.The day celebrates the pioneering local communities across Europe who are taking action for a better, more sustainable world. 
In 2017 communities in 15 European countries celebrated the day. In 2018 we want to grow the celebration! Cesnet-bioregional network is collaborating with Terrafest, a cross border walk for climate change 
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The main organiser of the day is ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability.    


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